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Reflex Ice Winter Washer Fluid with De-Icer

Ice is tough, but Reflex is tougher. All Reflex products were proven to perform in Canadian winters.

From the Tested for life in Canada panel, 4 testers from across Ontario and Quebec were selected to join us at the Automobile Centre of Excellence at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology to test the Reflex Ice Winter Washer Fluid with De-icer. Each participant did their test in a simulation of a Canadian region. A variety of conditions from the fog and wind environments of the East Coast to the frigid -40 temperatures of the Prairies were tested to simulate the various weather conditions across the country. The testers from our panel evaluated the performance of the Reflex Ice Winter Washer fluid with De-icer based on its performance in these conditions.

“ The product never froze. There's a big difference and you see it right away. ”
- Adam

“ I think it's important that you obviously got to be safe when you're driving in those conditions. Part of that is having the right winter washer fluid. ”
- Ahmed

“ It kept the windshield clear. Kept the ice away. It did a great job and I can see clearly throughout the windshield through the entire test. ”
- Mike